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Looking for inspiration in how best to present your picture or photo? A little creative picture framing can transform your photo or picture, making it a stunning center piece in any room. Be inspired and have a look at our example gallery for some great online framing and mounting ideas.

Adding simple neutral picture mounts to your picture

Adding a picture mount to your picture framing project can transform the aesthetics of your picture. Here we have the same picture but have added a simple picture mount to offset the image from the frame using a single layer snow white mount with equal top mount border sizes of 45mm. This gives a depth and sense of definition to the picture within the frame.

  • Without Mount
  • With Mount

Here are a few more example of how mounts can help transform your picture framing

Using different size mount borders and colours when picture framing

Using our online framing studio we uploaded the same picture to each project. For the first one we have used double size top mount borders in Beaujolais. This has the effect of completely changing the look and feel of the framed image, bringing it to life and focusing the eyes on what appears a smaller image but in actual fact is the same size. The use of the Beaujolais picture mount makes the whole frame stand out when the frame is hung on the wall.

  • Large Mount
  • Small Mount

Here we have the same images in the same style brushed silver picture frame, but with very different effects which will undoubtedly suit different rooms within your home.

In the first picture we have used a jet black mount which is a stark contrast to the pink flower and would look great hung on an apartment wall. The second flower we have used a deep pink mount giving it a softer feminine feel. And the last one is probably the half-way house, using a smoke grey coloured mount.

All of these options can be quickly and easily used in our online picture framing application .

  • Black Mount
  • Pink Mount
  • Grey Mount

My niece in black a high gloss black frame

Here we are using a double mount when we framed this picture with the bottom mount in deep pink and the top mounts in jet black or snow white. If we owned an apartment and were going for a more modern feel then this would be ideal. The contrasting lower mount is used with a 6mm reveal between mount layers. This is used to define the picture and give it a sense of depth and luxury.

  • Black Mount
  • Pink Mount

My niece on a swing framed in a more traditional framing style.

Our house is an old listed building and has a very traditional feel,. We have the first one hung on the wall. We used an imposing gold frame 70mm wide and added 3 picture mount layers all in a softer very pale cream (Heyseed), to create a real classical look.

While framing this picture we also tried using a shiny gold mount for the middle layer with a 10mm reveal. But in the end didn’t quite like it as much. A personal thing, and that’s what picture framing is all about. Personal choices of mounts and frames to highlight and enhance precious memories and compliment your home.

  • White Mount
  • Gold Mount