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You are currently at the Frames Only section of our online framing application, there are over 300 styles to choose from in any colour or size.

Framing without a mount - Frame only

When framing without any mounts we refer to this as a simple frame.

There are only two main steps to designing your frame online.

Step1 – Telling us the size of picture or photo you are looking to frame.

When measuring for frame only, you need to measure the paper size not the image size. As this is the internal size we will make the frame to (we make the frames internal size 1.5mm bigger than you tell us to ensure the fit is not to tight).

With this in mind if your photo has any white boards you have three options.

1) Trim the white borders off your picture. 2) Have the white borders showing. 3) Add a picture mount to offset the picture from the frame, so you can hide the white borders behind the mount.

The size of your frame will be cut from the back so you will see approximately 5 to 6 mm less of your picture from the front. This is because every frame has an internal lip the picture glazing and backboard sit on inside the frame. So if you have detail all the way to the edge of your picture that you want to see then we recommend you use a picture mount.

Step 2 – Choosing your frame style.

This is a very personal choice and will often have to suit the room it is going to be hung in. First choose a colour category. Then our entire frame colour range will be shown in the right hand scroll box. Simply click the small frames moulding profile image you like and see the change in front of your eyes. Each frame will be priced dynamically as you select each frame style.

The remaining framing steps should be self-explanatory, but if you have any doubts please call the picframes team on 01270 625 675.