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Framing a picture with mounts

Guide to using our online picture framing studio to create the perfect size frame with picture mounts. Our online frame studio is split into 3 main sections of the framing process.

Step 1 – Telling us the size of your picture or photo you are looking to have framed.

One of the most important concepts to understand when picture framing is the size of the picture is the only constant size that exists. The rest of the frame expands around your picture.

When framing a mounted picture we recommend you measure your picture in mm for reasons of accuracy. The easiest way to think about it is to measure your picture terms of what you want to see. So measure excluding any white borders that you do not want to see.

If you have white borders on the photo these will sit behind the Aperture at the back of the picture mount. It should be noted we automatically cut the aperture 2.5mm smaller per side. This is to stop the picture falling through the mount. We do this as many people forget. If you wish to compensate for this then add 5mm to the width and height dimensions.

Step 2 – Choosing the right style of frame when framing online

We have taken great care to photograph each frame moulding but it should be noted that different monitors display colours differently. We have also introduced many 360 degree product shots, which will allow you to see each picture frame moulding style from every angle. You will see the 360 button under the main frame image when they are available. Each frame is custom made to size to fit around the external size of the mount not your picture.

Step 3 – Adding picture mounts to your framing project

Picture mounts off set the picture from the frame, giving a border to your picture.

The first thing to decide is how many mount layers you would like when framing. Picture mount layers are best thought as a hand of playing cards. You can see the most of the top card and only a slight amount of the lower cards.

The idea behind multiple mount layers is to add definition to the picture. It would be normal to choose a neutral colour for the top mount (the mount you will see the most of) and a complimenting colour for the bottom mount. This will edge your picture in the frame.

First you can then decide the top mount border sizes ie the distance your picture is offset from the frame. We set the default size to 45mm as this covers most framing projects. But experiment and you will see the effect it has.

The rest of the steps should be self-explanatory, but if you have any doubts please call us on 01270 625 675.