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Box Frames with spacers to allow the mounting of pictures and objects deep behind any glazing

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How to use our interactive online picture framing studio designed to create you the perfect size picture frames in simple steps

Step 1 - Start) Choosing the style of frame

The design application above is split into various different elements required to make you frame. The first step is to choose the style of frame you would like. The options are

“Frame and picture mount” – This style has a card mount that offsets your picture or photo frame the actual frame and gives a sense of depth to the picture when in the frame.

Simple frame without a mount

– This is a basic frame where your picture will meet the edge of the frame moulding

Multi opening frame

– This is where you can have from 2 to 12 photo’s in one frame

Step 2) Telling us how big you photo or picture is.

It’s important to get this right as we will use this as the base information about what size to make the frame. We recommend you measure in mm as this is the most accurate way to measure and ensure the frame fits perfectly. Don't worry about any other measurement as our system automatically calculates the size of everything based around the size of your picture. In essence the frame simply expands in size around the constant size of you photo.

You can find a useful measuring guide here if you are unsure. Measuring Guide

Once you know your size enter the width and height in the size entry fields and click update. You are then ready to click next step.

Step 3) Choosing the frame style

In step 3 you will find on the right hand side a drop down box asking you to select the frame colour you require. Once selected, small images sections of the mouldings in our picture frame range will be loaded. Click on the one you like the look of and watch the left hand image change building your frame visually.

Step 4) Adding a picture mount – if selected at start tab.

Now it is time to start designing your mounts. The first task is to choose how many layers you would like. Mounts can be designed with up to 3 layers that sit like a pack of playing cards. You see most of the top mount and just a thin part of any lower layers. If you don’t want any mounts select “0” layers.

Next you are asked to set the top mount border sizes. This is the distance your picture will be offset from the frame. Our default is 45mm as it suits most size frame. Change the 45mm figures and watch the right hand frame image change. You will soon get the idea.

The reveal setting is the distance between mount layers. I.e the amount you will see of the lower mount colour.

Choosing mount colours is simple, click the “Pick colour” box and select the colour you like and watch the right hand picture frame image change.

The next 2 steps you will find self-explanatory.

We hope this quick guide has helped, but if you have any questions please call us on 01270 625 675.

Multi Frames

Multi picture frames commonly called multiple opening photo frames can be designed online using our multi picture framing online design tool. You can arrange 2, 3, 4,5 & 6 photos in one frame in nearly any combination or layout style. Mounts can be chosen in any colour with up to 2 layers. Please note we will cut multi openings to the exact size you tell us, so you need to ensure you have sufficient picture spare allowing you to tape the picture to the back of the multi aperture mounts.