Frames Colours



thin black picture frame with cat image

Pure Whites


large white poster picture frame with a flower

Natural Woods & Oak


narrow solid oak picture frame

Greys and Charcoals


Grey poster frame

Dark Woods


traditional walnut dark wooden picture frame



ornate gold picture frame

Cream & Ivory


shaby chic cream picture frame

Silver & Pewter


modern silver picture frame

Pewter & Bronze


panoramic pewter picture frame

Childrens colours


pale baby blue frame with mount

Box Frames


black box frame for framing 3d objects



Grey poster frame

Black picture & photo frames

Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas using different width black picture frames.

thin faced black picture frame 16 x 20
Thin faced 15mm black picture frame b59
thin black frame with a large mount
Thin faced 15mm black picture frame b59 with wider mount borders

The thinner narrow black frames create a more minimalist modern style. They are particularly effective when framing smaller photos. That’s not to say they are not suitable for large photos, but you must ensure they have the depth to keep the frame stiff and rigid. No one like to see their picture frames bow.

A simple trick is to make your mount borders bigger. It will further accentuate the thin minimalist look.

The more imposing wider frames are naturally suited to the larger photos but can be particularly useful when you have a small photo!! Take a look.

Here we have the same photo framed three different ways. You will start to see the difference a frame and mount can make.

Here we are using B6 a wide 53mm black  picture frame

Wide black photo frame 6 x 4
Small 8″ x 6″ photo framed in a 53mm wide black b6 picture moulding. Gives something small a gallery style effect.

20 x 16 wide black picture frame
The same photograph in the large 20″ x 16″ size. With a smaller picture mount borders 35mm.

I am using the same 53mm wide b6 black frame moulding.

20 x 16 black picture frame with white mounts
the startling effect of using larger mount borders 100mm

We have used the same photo and frame but using a bigger picture mount borders 100mm. Here it can balance the photo we a wider moulding.

All of these options can be selected using our online picture framing service. The same effects are just as effective if you are framing different sizes, be it a large panoramic, square or large black poster frame.

White picture & photo frames

White picture frames are often used in more modern surroundings if your house flat or office would suit a clean, elegant modern look, they are a perfect choice.

But one thing to consider is the different finishes that are available in our white colour range.

The white stained finish gives a much softer natural look. Particularly suited when you are framing a painting. The more delicate finish shows through some of the wood grain, giving a more natural look and feel.

The second white picture frame finish is a matt smooth painted, show no wood grain. These are great as photography frames.

The third is a high white gloss. These white gloss picture frames suit a more striking framing style. A large panoramic photo framed in a gloss white picture frame; I must say looks the nuts.

white gloss panoramic picture frame
panoramic in high gloss white frame w122

You will find our full white frame colour range here using our online framing studio

Gold picture & photo frames

Making a bit of a comeback.

We are noticing a steady increase in the popularity of gold picture frames from the traditional large ornate gold frames to the small modern gold photo frames.

As a UK based picture framer specialising in online picture framing, we have put together a range of gold frames that you can order in any custom size.

Here are some different ideas that we hope will give you some inspiration.

Thin gold picture frame 15mm g505
A 15mm gold thin-faced frame showing off the large panoramic in a minimalist modern look.

large panaramic ornate gold picture frame
Changing the frame to a large ornate gold frame g529 with a contrasting black top mount offset the snow-white bottom layer.

ornate gold picture frame
Gold ornate frame with dark grey picture mount

Changing mount colours can have a dramatic effect. Here we have used a grey mount to compliment the darker tones of the photo without overpowering the picture.

Now you have the appearance that you have had it framed by professional picture frames instead of a cheap readymade.

Oaks and natural woods

Nothing comes close to solid oak if you are looking for that natural look. We have a vast range of oak picture frame mouldings ranging from the large to small width frame profiles.

All our oak frames come in any custom size, and all have a barefaced smooth finish. We use a mid-toned European oak. It should be considered that natural oak frames come directly from the tree so they can change in character and colour shade throughout. But this we think, is part of the character and charm.

They particularly suit paintings and artwork. Here we have a few examples.

thin oak picture frame 20x20
bw427 17mm dome solid oak frame

A small 17mm dome solid oak frame BW427 with a two-layer mount hayseed top mount and white bottom mount.

solid oak picture frame 20 x 20
Bw408 34mm wide solid oak frame

The framing options used here are the 34mm wide bw408 solid oak picture frame moulding with a 2 layer mount. Top mount Hayseed a pale cream and a white bottom mount.

simple solid oak picture frame 20 x 20
bw408 a 34mm wide solid oak picture frame without mounts

We also have barefaced pine ash and beach frames within our natural woods category; many are intended to be stained or painted to create a bespoke finish. These can be purchased online in large or small sizes.