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Our white frame Finishes

White picture frames are often used in more modern surroundings if your house flat or office would suit a clean, elegant modern look, they are a perfect choice.

But one thing to consider is the different finishes that are available in our white colour range.

The white stained finish gives a much softer natural look. Particularly well suited when you are framing a painting. The more delicate finish shows through some of the wood grain giving a more natural look and feel.

The second white picture frame finish is a matt smooth painted, show no wood grain. These are great as photography frames.

The third finish is a white high gloss. These white gloss picture frames suit a more striking framing style. A large panoramic photo framed in a gloss white picture frame; I must say looks the nuts.

Panormaic white high gloss picture frame
Framed using W122

w122 Gloass white frame moulding

Panoramic picture framed in a high gloss white frame w122

We also have a great range of white-box frames with varying spacer heights. Ideal for framing 3D items. Or just to float your picture at the back of the frame.

And then there are the white ornate frames that work well particularly as wedding frames or table planers. below is two of our favourites

W105 Ornate white picture frame
W105 Ornate white picture frame