Custom size picture mounts

A Guide to calculating the custom sizes for your new picture mounts.

You are now at our online mount designer, this will allow you to customise all dimensions. Mounts, when ordered on their own, are usually bought for 2 different scenarios.

white picture mount 700 x 500
White consevation picture mount custom made to 500 x 700

You already have a frame and want to remount an existing picture. For this, you are going to need a custom-sized mount.

Step 1 – You need to first know the internal size of your existing frame. It is important you turn the frame over so it is face down and then measure in millimetres the width and height dimension of the frames rebate edge to edge (ie where the back board sits in). this is where your mounted picture will sit within the frame.

Step2 – You now need to measure the size of your picture or photo that is going to fit in the new mount. We recommend you do this in mm.

We do cut the aperture 2.5mm per side smaller than you tell us. This allows for overlap, so your picture will not fall through the mounts window opening.

Step3 – You now need to make a calculation to find your custom mount border sizes.

It is really easy. You simply subtract the height of your picture from the internal height of your frame and divide by 2. This gives you your top and bottom mount border sizes. Then do the same for the width dimensions.

You are buying picture mounts to sell your artwork without a frame.

Here things get even easier you simply need to measure your picture and ensure you leave 5mm each side overlap to stop the picture falling through the aperture cut into the picture mount. It might, however, be wise to make the external size of the mount fit a fairly standard size picture frame for ease of re sale.

Custom picture mounts at trade prices

All our custom picture mounts and photo mounts are cut on a CNC mount cutter so you can be sure of perfect sizes, they are all cut from ph neutral conservation boards supplied by one of the last remaining UK mount board paper mills.

We have a huge range of colours and you can design the perfect size using our online mount design studio which allows you to enter the size of your artwork and apply up to 3 different layers in any colour combination, this will save you hours of searching the internet to find a standard size picture mount that will fit your artwork.

If you are looking for a bulk or wholesale purchase of cheap picture mounts then we can certainly be a great source and supplier to rely on, you will find our prices extremely competitive, but don’t take our word for it please do your own comparisons, we also provide you with large order discounts at checkout automatically

Our cutting times are around 3 working days and our couriers will deliver the day after allocating an hour time slot in the day in which they intend to deliver, so no more staying in all day, an important consideration when shopping online.