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Multi aperture picture frames and photo frames in any size or combination Design yours here!

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Multi photo and picture frames

It can be difficult to find true custom framing for multiple aperture frames on the internet; you will find standard size templates around which will rarely do exactly what you want. We have developed an online multi aperture picture framing studio which will allow you to enter from 2 to 6 images in the same frame with each aperture being the same size or even each a different size, you can put them in any order you like. Our range of wooden multi frames run from silver to black, white, gold, black, or solid oak, any of our 300 styles of moulding are suitable and can be custom made in your exact size and aperture combination.

Multi frames can be probably one of the most aesthetically appealing ways to display for pictures or photos. With the right choice of mount of frame style and picture mount combination it will be a real centre piece in a room.

Custom sized multiple aperture frames and be hard to find online, our multi photography frames online design studio allows you to enter up to 6 photos each with the same aperture style or all different making more of a collage frame. You can also make each mount opening a different size.

Deciding on a photo layout

The best way is to lay the pictures you want mounted in your multiple opening picture frames on a table and first decide if they would look better on the wall in a landscape or portrait style then start playing around with the photo opening arrangements. Our design studio will automatically centralise each picture against each other.

Portrait options available are 1X2 , 1X3 1x4 1x5 1 x6 or 2 x2 2x3 .

Landscape options are 2x1 3x1 4x1 5x1 6x1 or 2x2 3x2 .

Once you have decided measure each photo you want in your multiple image frames in mm. You should measure what you want to see ensuring you have 5mm spare all the way around to ensure the picture doesn’t fall through the hole in the multi picture mounts. Our full measuring guide can be found here.

Multiple aperture mounts can be chosen in over 30 colours including white core and black core mounts and you can choose single mount or double mount this means you will be able to find the perfect colour and size combination to compliment your choose of frame or even just buy the mounts on their own if you already have a multi frame.

Our standard manufacture time are around 3 to 5 working days and we deliver the next day by courier, The couriers will inform you of the hour in the day they intend to deliver which means no more staying in all day, an important consideration when shopping online.