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Our box picture frames

Principally box frames are fabulous to frame 3d objects like football shirts, medal or keepsakes. But a box frame can also be used to display a picture at the back of the frame away from any glazing.  When you the photo in a raised fashion it will give the appearance of floating in the frame. Read on to find out how.

Our range covers most colour categories: Black, White, Gold, Silver, Dark woods or natural oaks. Although the choice becomes more limited as they tend to use more wood and thus can be expensive, we have carefully selected the best Value frames with matching spacers.

black box frame for framing 3d objects

Floating a picture in a box frame.

Although generally used to frame 3d objects, they can also be used with a picture mount to give your picture or photo a real floating effect. The photo is mounted at the back of the box frame and viewed through the mount opening. You will see this style of framing in many galleries.

the photo floats in the frame

Alternatively, you can raise the picture by sticking to a piece of cardboard and then mounting it in the centre of the frame. Here you will have to order the box frame in a larger size than your picture. There is no real rule, but 50mm either side will work well.