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Some framing inspiration

Here are a few ideas using different width black  frames with different mount sizes and colours.

thin faced black picture frame 16 x 20
Thin faced 15mm black picture frame moulding Ref b59
thin black frame with a large mount
Thin faced 15mm black  frame reference b10 with wider mount borders

The thinner narrow black  frames create a more minimalist modern style. They are particularly effective when framing smaller photos. Not that they are not suitable for large photos, but you must ensure they have the depth to keep the frame strong and rigid. No one like to see their picture frames bow.

A simple trick is to make your mount borders bigger. This will further accentuate the thin minimalist look.

The more imposing wider frames are naturally suited to the larger photos and posters. However, they can be very effective when you have a small photo!! Take a look.

Here we have the same picture framed 3 different ways. You will start to see the difference a frame and mount can make.

Here we are using Ref B6 a 53mm wide frame

Wide black photo frame 6 x 4
Small 8 x6 photo framed in a 53mm wide black b6 picture moulding. Gives a small photograph a gallery style effect.
20 x 16 wide black picture frame
The same photograph in the large 20 x 16 size. With a thinner picture mount 35mm borders

Using the same 53mm wide b6 black frame moulding.

20 x 16 black picture frame with white mounts
The effect of using wide mount borders 100mm

This is the same photo and frame but using wider picture mount borders 100mm. Here it can balance the photo we a wider moulding.

All of these options can be selected using our online picture framing service. The same effects are just as effective if you are framing different sizes, be it a  stunning black panoramic photo frame or large poster frame.