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Picture framing - Our Online Service

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We have taken a great deal of time and effort when developing out online business taking into account our customers needs at all stages you can read how using the list below.

Website Security
Website security is a growing issue with the banks and credit card companies now introducing something called PCI DSS a compliance standard for conducting online transactions. To comply with this we have designed our checkout so that no credit card information passes through our website hosting servers but instead goes directly through our payment gateway SagePay to our bank HSBC. SagePay are the uk’s leading gateway provider.

All other information that passes through our website like your name etc is encrypted using 256 bit technology. Look out for your toolbar turning green signifying encryption taking place.

Why do it this way? We understand the importance of this issue and simply put the banks spend millions on their website security so it makes sense to utilise it. Additionaly it also means data passes through only one set of servers. Who would you trust more to keep your information safe?

Our online framing studio
The challenge was to develop an application that gives you options to change every aspect of your picture frame, to the degree that would satisfy a professional user like photographers and artists yet keep it simple and easy to use for home users.

We have achieved what we set out to do. No other online framer gives you this level of functionality and user features whist remaining fast and simple to use.

Our Manufacturing times
The point of using online picture framers is mainly one of convenience and price. We have therefore organised our manufacturing plant with the latest technology to achieve manufacturing times that are market leading with 89% of orders completed and dispatched within 2 working days.
Quality of products
The quality of our products comes in 3 parts, the materials we use, the equipment that produces them and the skill of our staff.

1) Our suppliers are the largest in the uk and recognised as the premier choice for picture framing products you can see their website at

2) Our equipment is the latest computerised cutting and jointing machines with an accuracy of 0.1mm over a 2.5m length made by a company called “Cassese”, again, market leaders.

3) Our staff have a combined framing experience of over 100 years

Delivery times
Delivery is an important issue when buying online. Most of us spend our days at work and are not available to be at home to sign for a parcel, or if we are we don’t want to wait in all day for the knock on the door.

We have therefore created a delivery service that allows you to choose the location of your delivery be it at home or work. We also give you multiple speed and time of day options. Due to the volumes we send the prices are very low. We don’t make any money on our delivery rates.

When sending delicate items like picture frames packaging is important. We send your frame in a wooden case ensuring it arrive with you in a perfect condition, we send our deliveries through DHL and fully insured and trackable. All our internal packaging is also Bio -degradable within 3 years.
Our website in general
We have tried to keep everything as simple as possible resisting the temptation to get to clever. We don’t swap you with offers or images and keep information pages as plain text and where possible in a list format so you can find what you are looking for quickly and easily. If you have any comments complimentary or constructive, please get in touch.
Trade customers
Please see our trade page for details of available discounts whether you order one frame or hundreds of frames a month there is a good deal on offer.
Product Photography
All our mouldings are professional photographed at a considerable expense; this is to ensure they are as close a likeness to what you receive as possible. You should note that are products are made from real wood and as such you will get slight variations from batch to batch. This is normal when buying any real wooden picture frame. You should also be aware that different computer screen may display slightly different.