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Poster Frames in any size colour or style balck. gold, white, silver wooden poster frames

Framing Posters.

Posters are generally quite large and as such may often be too large to use a picture mount. With this in mind we recommend you start by using the frame only section of our framing design studio.

When measuring a poster we recommend you do it in mm for accuracy as the internal size of the frame will be made to the size of your poster. Remember to include any white borders in your measurements if you do not want to trim them off.

It should be noted that 5 to 6 mm of your poster will be hidden inside the frame when looking at it from the front.

You should also consider that due to their size the frame needs sufficient rigidity to hang on the wall without any bowing of the frame as these can get quite heavy. We recommend you choose a frame moulding with a width of over 30mm or depth over 20mm.

If you have any questions or are looking for some advice on frame style please call us on 01270 625 675